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Article 1: Potential exhibitors at the fair are: companies operating in the Building, public works and all sectors related to the buildings sectors.
Article 2: The organizational arrangements of the exhibition such as the opening date, the duration, the location, the opening and closing hours are determined by the organizer and can be modified on his initiative.
Article 3: Every potential exhibitor should submit an application form to the organizer. If accepted, the application form will be considered as a firm and irrevocable commitment to pay the total amount of the stand reservation.
Article 4: The application forms must be submitted to the Sfax Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) with a deposit of 50% of the total exhibition fees. This initial payment will be refunded if the applicant is not accepted to exhibit. However, the organizer will keep it in case withdrawal. The remaining 50% must be paid to (SCCI) before september 15th , 2019. Application forms without the 50% deposit of the total amount will not be taken into account. No refund will be made for withdrawal.
Article 5: Exhibitors may pay their participation fees either in cash or by check or by bank transfer to the Sfax Chamber of Commerce and Industry bank account (number mentioned on stand reservation form).
Article 6: The exhibition plan and location stands will be established by the organizer according to the progress of the stands booking.
Article 7: Stands in the fair will be available three (3) days before the official inauguration date. Fittings and decoration need to be achieved at least 12 hours before the opening.
Article 8: ln addition to the insurance covering displayed goods, the exhibitor is asked to take up at his own expenses an insurance policy covering the risks for himself, his staff or third parts. The guarding of the stands and their content is only secured during the fair closing hours. During the opening time, the goods and equipments are under the exhibitor’s responsibility. Exhibitor is also fully responsible for guarding its goods when layout fitting, and the last day after the closure of the exhibition.
Article 9: For the closure of the exhibition, stand dismantling and removal of goods will have to be carried out no sooner than 7.00 p.m on October 27th, 2019. All stands, goods and decoration, must be removed within two days after the closure of the fair. If not a 100 euros penalty per day will be applied.
Article 10 : Before September 30th, 2019, each exhibitor will receive a plan of his/her stand according to the general plan of the fair.
Article 11 : It is strictly forbidden to use loudspeakers music, spot lights, distribute documents of any kind in the corridors or in the entrance halls of the fair.
Article 12: All damages caused to the stand must be repaired according to the quality standards by the exhibitor who will pay the expenses.
Article 13: ln case of force majeure that imposes to postpone the exhibition to a later date, the advances paid will be automatically acquired by the SCCI. ln case of major or unexpected circumstances that prevent the exhibition to take place and the admission requests are cancelled, the prior -paid other than the 50% deposit (all taxes included), will be refunded after the deduction of the amount committed by the SCCI.


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